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Roll With Adventure

PREORDER "Bread Aisle" 9 Piece Dice Set

PREORDER "Bread Aisle" 9 Piece Dice Set

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Roll with adventure with these dice inspired by our favorite pair of witches! This set includes two D20s and a D2.

I really wanted to capture the essence of both Imogen and Laudna with this set. There is red string and purple lightning bolts swirled together with iridescent blue, black, and even a resin raven skill in the d4! The D2 reads “Can I kiss you?” on one side and “I can’t tell if it’s alright anymore” on the other.  The numbers are inked in alternating black and light purple. 

This is a handmade product which means you may find slight imperfections compared to a factory made die! 

This product is MADE TO ORDER and will be shipped out within 2-4 weeks! 


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